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Abstract: Starting from the action function, we have derived a theoretical background that leads to the quantization of gravity and the deduction of a correlation between the gravitational and inertial masses, which depends on the kinetic momentum of the particle. We show that there is a reaffirmation of the strong equivalence principle and, consequently, Einstein's equations are preserved. In fact, such equations are deduced here directly from this approach to Gravity. Moreover, we have obtained a generalized equation for inertial forces, which incorporates the Mach's principle into Gravitation. Also, we have deduced the equation of Entropy; the Hamiltonian for a particle in an electromagnetic field and the reciprocal fine structure constant. It is possible to deduce the expression of the Casimir force and also to explain the Inflation Period and the Missing Matter, without assuming the existence of vacuum fluctuations. This new approach to Gravity will allow us to understand some crucial matters in Cosmology.

1. Generalization of Relativistic Time
2. Quantization of Space, Mass and Gravity.
3. Quantization of Velocity ( c the Universal Reference Speed)
4. Quantization of Time (quantized spacetime—space and time being granular, not continuous, at its smallest scales)
5. Correlation Between Gravitational and Inertial Masses
6. Generalization of Lorentz's Force
7. Gravittoelectromagnetic fields and Gravitational shielding
8. Gravitational Effects produced by ELF radiation upon the electric current
9. Magnetic Fields affect gravitational mass and the momentum
10. Gravitational Motor
11. Gravitational Mass and Earthquakes
12.The Strong Equivalence Principle
13. Incorporation of the Mach's Principle into Gravitation Theory
14. Deduction of the Equations of General Relativity
15. Gravitons: Gravitational Forces are also Gauge forces
16. Deduction of Entropy Equation starting from the Gravity Theory
17. Unification of the Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields
18. Elementary Quantum of Matter
19. The Casimir Force is a gravitational effect related to the Uncertainty Principle
20. The Shape of the Universe and Maximum speed of Tachyons
21. The Hidden Mass and explanation for red-shift anomalies
22. The Expanding Universe is accelerating and not decelerating
23. Gravitational and Inertial Masses of the Photon
24. What causes the fundamental particles to have masses?
25. Electron's imaginary masses
26. Transitions to the Imaginary space-time
27. Superparticles ( hypermassive Higgs bosons) and Big-Bang
28. Deduction of Reciprocal Fine Structure Constant and the Uncertainty Principle
29. The Inflation Period
30. The Origin of the Universe
31. A Solution for the Black Hole Information Paradox.
32. A Creator's need
33. The Origin of Gravity and Genesis of the Gravitational Energy
34. Explanation for the anomalous acceleration of Pioneer 10
35. New type of interaction
36. Allais effect explained

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Abstract: It is shown that the gravity acceleration just above a chamber filled with gas or plasma at ultra-low pressure can be strongly reduced by applying an Extra Low-Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field across the gas or the plasma. This Gravitational Shielding Effect is related to recent discovery of quantum correlation between gravitational mass and inertial mass. According to the theory samples hung above the gas or the plasma should exhibit a weight decrease when the frequency of the electromagnetic field is decreased or when the intensity of the electromagnetic field is increased. This Gravitational Shielding Effect is unprecedented in the literature and can not be understood in the framework of the General Relativity. From the technical point of view, there are several applications for this discovery; possibly it will change the paradigms of energy generation, transportation and telecommunications.

1. Gravity Control Cell (GCC)
2. Gravitational Motor
3. Gravitational Spacecraft
4. Decreasing of inertial forces on the Gravitational Spacecraft.
5.Gravity Control inside the Gravitational Spacecraft.
6. Gravitational Thrusters.
7. Artificial Atmosphere surround the Gravitational Spacecraft.
8. Gravitational Lifter.
9. High Power Electromagnetic Bomb (A new type of E-bomb).
10. Gravitational Press of Ultra-High Pressure.
11. Generation and Detectation of Gravitational Radiation.
12. Quantum Gravitational Antennas. Quantum Transceivers.
13. Instantaneous Interstellar Communications
14.Wireless Electric Power Transmission using Quantum Gravitational Antennas.
15. Method and Device using GCCs for obtaining images of Imaginary Bodies.

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Abstract:The existence of imaginary mass associated to the neutrino is already well-known. Although its imaginary mass is not physically observable, its square is. This amount is found experimentally to be negative. Recently, it was shown that quanta of imaginary mass exist associated to the electron and the photon too. These imaginary masses have unusual properties that violate the Parity Conservation Principle. The non-conservation of the parity is also found in the weak interactions, and possibly can be explained by means of the existence of the imaginary masses. Also protons and neutrons would have imaginary masses associated to them and, in this way, atoms and molecules would also have imaginary masses directly proportional to their atomic and molecular masses. The Parity Conservation Principle holds that the material particles are not able to distinguish their right from their left. The non-conservation of the parity would necessarily imply capability of "choice". Thus, as the particles with imaginary mass don't conserve the parity, they would have the elementary capability of "choosing between their right or left". Where there is "choice" isn't there also psychism, by definition? This fundamental discovery shows that, in some way, the consciousnesses are related to the imaginary masses. This fact, make it possible to redefine Psychology on a Quantum Physics basis.


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Abstract: A New concept of spacecraft and aerospacecraft flight arises from the possibility of electromagnetic control of the gravitational mass. The novel spacecraft, called Gravitational Spacecraft possibly will change the paradigm of Transportation. Here, it will be described its operation principles and flight possibilities. Also it will be shown that others devices based on gravity control such as the Gravitational Motor and the Quantum Transceiver can be used in the spacecraft, respectively, for Energy Generation and Telecommunications.

*** WARNING***

Longer-duration microgravity environments produced by GCCs

      The acceleration experienced by an object in a microgravity environment, by definition, is one-millionth (1µ) of that experienced at Earth’s surface (1g). Consequently, a microgravity environment is one where the acceleration induced by gravity has little or no measurable effect.
       Microgravity environment can be obtained via different means, providing different duration of microgravity. While short-duration microgravity environments can be achieved on Earth with relative easiness, longer-duration microgravity environments are too expensive to be obtained.
       Microgravity allows new materials to be developed which can not be made on Earth due to gravity. These new materials can be used to speed up future computers, reduce pollution, improve fiber optics, and enable medical breakthroughs to cure diseases.
       In the Appendix of the paper The Gravitational Spacecraft, we show how to use the Gravity Control Cells (GCCs), in order to create longer-duration microgravity environments. Since, just above a GCC the gravity can be strongly reduced (down to 1µg or less).
       This possibility appears to be absolutely new and unprecedented in the literature since longer-duration microgravity environments are usually obtained via airplanes, sounding rockets, spacecraft and space station.

The Simplest Gravity Control Cell(GCC)



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